Our contribution to the environment

Sustainable entrepreneurship is more important than ever. Reducing CO emissions is crucial to improve the quality of air and life. But there is so much more we can do. We see it as an important task to do our bit.

Our measures

Waste separation:

  • Paper/plastic/glass/PMD and residual waste are separated.
  • Pallets are reused as much as possible.
  • Empty wine boxes are reused for the shipment of individual bottles
  • Reuse of materials where possible


Paperless working:

  • Invoices are sent digitally and we also ask suppliers to send them digitally.
  • We work 90% paperless at the International Expedition
  • We have implemented a new WMS in order to work as paperless as possible in the future.



  • We are making a change from fluorescent lighting to LED lighting.
  • There is no night lighting except for 1 lamp
  • There are no lights on when people aren’t working


Delivery van

  • Routes are planned as efficiently as possible with a maximum capacity in the buses.
  • Drivers turn the vans off when they are unloading instead of idling.