Excise duty

Your excise declaration in good hands

Verhoeven Logiqs can relieve all your concerns regarding your excise processing and excise payment. We can offer you two possibilities with our own excise numbers.

Direct excise payment:

Your supplier uses our excise number on his export documents. We receive all the documents digitally at the time of the import of the goods and calculate the excise duties and payment to the tax authorities. All we need to do then is collecting the excise duties from you. This process is fully automated.

Deferred excise payment:

We also have our own AGP warehouse in Tilburg. Here you can store wines and spirits without excise. We ensure that excise duties are paid to the tax authorities at the moment of the results from the AGP (for shipment to your customer). That way you only pay the excise duty when these goods are sold. This can be particularly interesting for goods that are in stock for a longer time. This process is also fully automated.

Our experienced employees ensure a perfect settlement of the excise flows!